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{Dreamworld AU}

Muse A and Muse B have never met before or at least not in the real world. But every as they lay to go to sleep they meet in a space where only they can be found. Every night they enter a dreamworld for just the two of them. Despite their lives on the other side of this world, they are happy and content.

However Muse A is living an unhappy life nothing seems to be going right for them. They believe that if they could just meet in the real world everything would be alright. But Muse B doesn’t believe the same, they are worried that if they meet on the outside they might shatter the safety and security this world holds. Maybe because they are scared, maybe because outside this world they aren’t as perfect as they seem. So what is better? Reality or the dream?

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I have been brutalized by loss and it has made me brutal in return.

Eva Green as Lady Loki, inspired by (x)

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004-- Message in A Bottle (x)

Muse A's plane crashed in the ocean, leaving them, the lone survivor, stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, with no way to signal for help. They begins to explore the massive expanse of land, hoping to find some form of shelter. One day, they stumble upon Muse B bathing in a nearby stream. Shocked at the appearance of another person, Muse A follows Muse B to their home, where they have set up a very nice living area. Making their presence known, Muse A explains their situation to Muse B, who welcomes them after a brief period of uncertainty. Muse A finds out that Muse B was born on the island, though their parents are long dead due to a virus that wiped out the population of ten. Muse B was the only survivor. As the two begin develop feelings for one another, they are unaware that the search for Muse A has begun.


Twist A: The night Muse A was planning to take action on their feelings for Muse B, a ship shows up on the island, the crew in search of Muse A. Will Muse A return home, or will they stay with the one they may love?

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Bloody Dark AUs

Killer Couple; This is not your average love story. They were young, they were dumb, and they were psycho. It started out with the killing of her/his parents. They didn’t want them together, so the old folks had to go. After that, there was a thrill inside them. They wanted to do it again. 

Nightmare: Constantly haunted by nightmares, muse A is starting to see things in reality. Horrible images of things that don’t seem to go away. Muse B sees that there is something wrong and offers their help. But Muse A is scared, all the images are starting to tell them to kill Muse B. It’s clear the nightmares are starting to take control.

Horror Film: Just like in a horror film, a group of teenagers go out to a cabin/party for some fun. They don’t intend to do anything right and want to make all the wrong choices. But the fun is cut short when they notice they’re is an unwanted guest who is hacking off everyone in ways no one should see. All they have to do is survive the night. But that’s not going to be easy.

Beast: Muse A is cursed, forced to turn every full moon. They become a beast unable to control. Because of this they’re isolated themselves. They’re world came crashing down when the beast killed someone (Sister/brother/mother/lover/etc/). But, Muse B stumbles upon Muse A and is curious and stuck. All Muse A can do is try not to get close in fear they’re die too. 

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Our muses are on a hiking trip and have come across a cliff above a body of water low enough to dive off of, but still very high from the water’s surface. Send me “Chicken!” and see whether or not my muse jumps!

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Tell me something you like about how I play my character

because everyone needs a boost right?
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A lot of paletts still available, don’t hesitate to ask, people! =D

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Says it all…

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fallaces sunt rerum species

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Marvel Teams. 
'Suit up.' 

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