jude law in the talented mr. ripley (1999)

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Imagine that when your OTP first meet, they hate one another. However, they’re still very much attracted to each other, so there’s always this weird sexual tension between them. 

Imagine they get into a really heated argument one day, and at the end of it, they’re out of breath from yelling at the top of their lungs and they just stare at each other for a moment before deciding fuck it and angrily making out.

(Bonus points if it leads to rough angry sex and if/when they get into arguments in the future, it always ends with them in bed.)

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flawless :*

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Imagine Person A suddenly asks Person B to marry them, but Person B has commitment issues. Person A is persistent and when Person B confronts them Person A admits that the sudden proposal was because they have a terminal illness.

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a day in the life of a roleplayer

roleplayer: *looks at muse*
muse: *looks at roleplayer*
roleplayer: no.
muse: yes.
roleplayer: don't you fucking dare.
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This is unexpectedly not about make-up haha

Can I just say that it’s really annoying how everyone and their mother with clamour to find out a woman’s “beauty routine”, even when the channel has little to do with makeup?

"can you do a makeup tutorial?"
"can you tell us your diet?"
"what’s your workout routine?"


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Hit on my character on anonymous. They’ll say who they wish was whispering it in their ear.



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Imagine your OTP making love for the first time. Person B is shy but receptive. Person A has been wanting Person B for so long that they do something kinky and extremely unexpected. During the act, Person B’s shyness is overridden by lust, causing them to get just as if not more into the act than Person A could’ve ever dreamed.

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//Unmarked Grave meme\\ Loki stepped up behind Helena, slowly. "Who is it?" His tone was solemn, but mild curiosity permeated his voice.

You see my character at the cemetery, placing flowers on an unmarked grave. What do you do? 

Hel stood gazing upon the grave, as if she was frozen or charmed by unknown forces; it seemed as if she did not notice Loki’s presence at all, since she did not jump up or yelp as she would have usually… However, she was, in fact, thinking, processing and trying to find words.

Such a simple question he asked but there was no easy answer to it, whatever she’d have said wouldn’t have been enough to describe Isabelle, though maybe—-

"Past," Helena finally uttered and shrugged. "My Isabelle, Izzie. Someone who used to be my world, my love… but is now just, poof! gone. So these visits don’t even matter any longer— just a ritual to express respect for the dead even if there probably is none left, formality." The way she mumbled it all out suggested that Hel actually was deeply disturbed.

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Our muses’ are drunk and making bad decisions leave a ❋ in my askbox for our muses’ to share a stupid, drunken kiss.

Somehow Helena knew that getting to drink with Loki again would be a bad idea and had been avoiding the potential occurrence with all her might… until that unlucky evening when she was particularly gloomy and so was he—- yes, a lot gloomier than usual.

If only that was the sole thing, Hel would’ve forced herself to walk away but sadly she did meet him at the bar out of all places, as if fate itself— something she refused to believe in but sometimes felt that it was suspiciously real— set the scene for them. For some reason ‘playing indifference’ option was not available for Hel any longer, perhaps the ‘button broke’, being pushed too hard and often.

Surely as soon as she sat down he offered her to order… didn’t mention he’d buy her a round by the way, just suggested they drink together, so Hel immediately thought he’d probably make her pay for the fun of it; the idea made her smile and somehow that smile stuck on her face for a long time until it was wiped off by a kiss both would swear they did not start. In fact it was a mutual expression of hidden desire, stupid, drunken but wanted.

It did not last long though, for the awkwardness followed: they’d kissed less innocently before but the fact that time had passed and things changed created an odd and unfamiliar feeling of strangeness.

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