Thor in Marvel’s Assholes Avengers Assemble

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I don’t even need to caption this WE ARE ALL THINKING THE SAME DAMN THING

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Oh, no, of course, you’re right. My mistake.

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Ugh, mom’s friends started pitying our friend from Thailand cause he’s a buddist and has to go become a monk for at least 3 months, JFC!!! He wants to go, he says 3 m is not enough, his choice, his religion, his business and those ignorant fuckers dare pity him… Said I’m sleepy and left for our bungalo… Just no, no… Srsly, they compared it to serving in the army and wanted me to translate the shit they said… No but how about some respect for his culture? He respects yours btw, I just… Wow. No.

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won’t make a bucket list because I’m so afraid that I’ll die and then people will find my bucket list and be, like, “Oh, she didn’t get to do that.”

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Dude, whatever stuff you’re sending me to go look at, I can’t see cause slow internet and it’lll take me hours to try and see and there’s sun and there’s sea, so like nope :p I don’t even remember but if you have wifi on yo phone you can install viber and then I could send you shit like photo but I don’t think you have android on yo phone :/

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Hel really is an amazing character, and I would really love to RP with her ~ (It's to bad I don't have a muse for myself though...) Anyways, you and Hel really inspire me a lot! Keep up the awesome character!

O.o omigosh… Thank you… I don’t think I’ve ever received a message like this one! Thank you so much! It means a load! I hope this posts cause lousy internet is lousy and I can barely type in stuff.
this made my day rn, cause I just woke up, you lovely person!
p.s. Just hope that when you say she inspires you, you don’t mean for murder o.o
(look at me joking >.> wow much haha)

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♡ ♡

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Thanks for the likes and wishes guys, this is the only way I can answer xD, I did manage to type in some drafts heh, I’m cray

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